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All the above-mentioned reasons make cotton sarees a wonderful option for women in Indian subcontinent and also for those from other countries. To purchase a cotton saree, the best place is to search in online business directories where cotton sarees wholesalers and suppliers can be easily found.

Check out designer sarees online on Barcode 9There is a lot of variety in available. Buy designer sarees online and the money spent will only add a collector;s item in the wardrobe.
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Kota sarees:Kota sarees are sarees which are produced in Kota, Rajasthan. These sarees are also called ‘Kota Doria’. Initially, these sarees used to be produced in pure cotton, but now they are also prepared using synthetic yarn. The unique feature of a Kota saree is the checks formed in the saree while weaving. These checks are formed either using golden thread or ordinary thread. Usually, these sarees are manufactured in bright colors such as orange, yellow, red, blue, purple and green.

The brides of southern India usually wear Pattu saree on their wedding, where as the brides of west, east and northern India wear the Sarees with heavy work on it. This work is either made with beads, Kundhans or thread. However, each and every saree has its own specialty.

Most designers prefer to involve designer Sarees in their collections each year. The various Indian designers have come up with new innovative designs for the gorgeous georgette Sarees. The famous Indian Saree designer, Satya Paul is renowned for his exclusive georgette printed Sarees.

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The most fabulous garment which is mentioned as the only unstitched garment in existence is “saree”. The technical word saree is quiet famous is well reputed in sub-continent countries like India. The birth of this garment took when there was no existence of other stitched garments. Saris was worn and used from Civilizations. The saree contribute a lot to the fashion sector of the country and women living Abroad. Right from the traditional wear to the fancy designers there are many variations which can be sorted out as per the requirement and the occasion respectively. Women shows their keen interest in Fancy wear sarees for occasions like parties ad many corporate functions, which can be considered has the best option for working women. These fancy sarees vary from area to area. Many synthetic fibers like crepe, Chiffon are used with base fabrics. The sarees manufactured using hybrid fibers like cotton silk, Art silk sarees are introduced to the markets of India which are now exported to other countries. This blend of sarees are quiet attractive and even available at Reasonable pricing.

Tanchoi sarees: Tanchoi sarees are produced in Surat in the state of Gujarat. Figures of birds, trees and flowers are commonly used in these sarees. Sometimes, the pallu is richly decorated with large figures of peacocks, flower baskets and hunting scenes. These sarees are made from a special fabric called Tanchoi, which is woven using a distinctive technique. This technique is a combination of the Indian and Chinese styles of weaving.

Since this cloth is draped by many. Sarees are now designed exclusively by designers, making it “THE” special saree. Cost is high, but many women are ready to pay the price to look exclusive in that wear.

The nine yards drape not just adds grace to the personality of the wearer but also accentuates the curves of the woman. It is a timelessly classic outfit among all women;s attire. This summer of 2013 has seen different styles of sarees emerging in the trend chart. Bollywood beauties have been seen making numerous appearances in the traditional saree drape. Few names which instantly pop up when we think of sarees are Sonakshi Sinha, Vidya Balan, Madhuri Diixit, Sridevi, and Sonam Kapoor. These ladies in the Tinseltown have been extremely experimental when it comes to wearing a saree.

Mysore Crepe silk saris make a woman look and feel beguiling. Different colors make these crepe sarees exciting. There are two kinds of crepe silk sarees. The hard-finished, typically dyed black and used for mourning (which tends to retain the old spelling crape), is made of hand-twisted silk yarn and finished by a rather complex trade process after weaving; the soft crepe include the Canton, or Oriental, weaves in plain or damask weave. The collection of traditional, printed and embroidered fancy saris made from imported and Indian fabric including georgette and crepes are a hit among the fashion conscious women of today.


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